How to Paint Your Front Door in 5 Easy Steps

Your front door is an introduction; it is your home’s face to the world outside, and sets off your home’s image. A fresh coat of paint could reinvent your front door by and make a statement. The new color will make the front door look more inviting and attractive even if painting is messy work. There is a range of colors to choose from depending on your individual style; classic, cheerfully bright, bold, unusual, or sober shades. The end result will personalize your door and give it individuality.

Painting the front door can be exciting even though it is hard work. But you need to go about it in the right way for winning results. There are some rules and steps you should follow so that the entire process and outcome will be smooth.

First Things First

The first step is to decide on the color, type of paint, and organize and buy all the tools and paraphernalia that you will need, according to your budget considerations. The paint quality should be excellent and durable since front doors bear the brunt of weather conditions. You can select from latex or oil based paint, depending on the material the door is constructed. Choosing the time of the year is important and spring or autumn is considered as most comfortable. Keeping pets and children away from the scene and working alone or with a family member will help.

Remove the Door

To make the job easier and convenient, remove the door from the hinges and remove all the hardware and glass (if any) from the door. This includes the door knob, kick plate, and door locking set among other items. Use tape to cover areas you don’t want painted. Place the door on a bench or 2 sawhorses in an area where the paint can dry easily and should be free from dust and disturbance. Cover the area with newspapers or cloth to prevent too much of disarray and mess.


Preparation Work

If you want professional results for your door it is a good idea to clean it with damp cloth and sandpaper uneven areas and flaky paint, before you start the paint work. Dents can be filled with wood putty or filler and sandpaper dust remains need to be cleaned with a moist cloth. There are products available for removing the gloss of latex painted doors which can be used to prepare for new paint. Get rid of the dust and dirt and use a latex and oil based primer first and let dry, so that the next color will glide on evenly. Scuffing the door with sandpaper is recommended for better painting results. Primers can be used twice for the door for the paint to glide on uniformly. Four or six inch synthetic rollers can be used.

Painting Work

Painting the front door, can start from the edges, then panels can be done including the inset and raised types, and in between and then remove brush marks. Some homeowners may prefer to start from the center and then deal with the sides or work their way from top to bottom. It is all about individual comfort and ease. You can then start over and give the door a second coat of paint for an unblemished effect. When you are on a break keep the paintbrushes in plastic to stay moist and not dry out. Angled paintbrushes are good for those edges and to use around hinges.

Reinstall the Newly Painted Door

Finally let the paint dry for a day and your door is ready for use. To reinstall replace the hardware that was removed and hang the door, back into its place. Add potted plants on the sides, door embellishments such as lights or name plates, to add your personal style.

After the entire hard work step back proudly to view your newly painted front door and you can take a much needed break. You will love and enjoy the fresh new look!


3 Important Factors to Considering before You Choose Your Roofing System

Laying out or relaying a roof is an inherently costly affair, there’s a whole lot of investment involved as its major work which, when executed properly, lasts for decades. This is because the roof is, to all intents and purposes, what makes the house a home. There’s a reason buying a house is also known as putting a roof over your head. The roof keeps the elements away, leaving you dry and safe from storms, snow and even harsh sunlight, protecting you, your family and your possessions from the whims of nature.

The roof you apply to your house, then, must have the necessary qualities required to execute this task of protection and shelter thoroughly, and if misjudged can prove to be a very costly affair to recover from. Taking this into consideration, there are certain aspects of roof systems that need to be examined before making the all-important decision of picking which system works best for you.

3 roofing system considerations to be kept in mind while making your choice

  • Location, weather, natural surroundings. Where you live will have a huge impact on the type of roofing system you invest in. There are many factors with regards to location that will affect your choice in this matter. Wind speed and velocity of the locality, amount of moisture and humidity in the air, propensity of storms, snow, hurricanes etc. Such weather related variables will influence your choice of roofing system as, if your locality has a strong gusts of winds blowing through it on a regular basis, you will need to protect against that by investing in a roofing system that can with stand high intensity winds. Tree cover is also another important factor, as if there is dense tree cover in the immediate vicinity of the house, it will help blunt the impact of the winds, and provide more shade to the house. Also, state laws with regards to roofing requirements will also have to be adhered to, and they may vary from place to place.
  • Energy savings. With increased awareness regarding the loss of perishable energy sources such as coal and fuel, the ever increasing prices for power and energy, and increasing global attention towards energy consciousness and going green, energy savings are rapidly becoming an imperative factor in the choice of roofing systems. Using energy efficient roofs will mean your house is naturally more insulated against the vagaries of extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and will provide a more comfortable environment while reducing dependence on external, power consuming, temperature control devices such as the central heating and cooling systems. This saves money and is good for the environment as well.
  • Warranty and price. A roofing system is a considerable investment to make. You have to make sure that the system you invested will last for the long haul, as it isn’t something that can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Deterioration, wear and tear, and damage due to weather conditions are to be expected, so while price should be an important factor, investing in a system due to its cost effectiveness, while beneficial towards your immediate financial conditions, may prove disastrous in the long run. Warranty stipulations and time period is also a factor in this equation, as a longer and more comprehensive warranty will result in less long term worries.

Picking the roofing system then, is a difficult task, and with the sheer variety of options available it’s easy to get carried away. Reputation then plays a big role in picking the right brand. Go through testimonials written by experienced users and field experts of champion windows and doors. Keep these considerations at the forefront while making your roofing system choice so that you reap the rewards of a sound investment for decades, and live safe and sound without worries about the weather outside.