Who Let the Dog out? How to choose a doggie door

Choosing the right pet door is among the many decisions you take for your favorite pooch’s comfort and well being. It will help in many ways and prove to be a value addition in your doggy’s and your life. Your pet’s comfort, freedom, and many other benefits are assured if it can move out freely through the small door especially meant for pet’s use. Before selecting the special door for your pet make sure that it is special and includes the right factors that go into making the perfect door for your pet.



Pet doors have many benefits for you and your pet. It allows your pet to go outdoors without pestering you and scratching up the door to let it out. You pet can go out when it feels the need without holding up or causing indoor spills. If you are not in a mood your doggie can go out and run around in the garden for exercise, alone. So your pet won’t get cooped up indoors and feel restless or bored.

You adore your doggy and want him/her to have the best door so choose it with care. Educate yourself with all information before selecting the doggy door.

Installation Facts


Pet doors can be installed in variety of locations, depending on the owner’s requirement.

  • A wall
  • Glass panel of a door
  • Double hung windows
  • Sliding door
  • Windows
  • Screens
  • Storm doors, entry doors, or garage doors

There are many types of pet doors to choose from including magnetic with locking system that works both ways, doors with electronic sensors that unlock when your pet approaches it, and sliding doors among others. Pets can get access to their litter or feeding areas or the yard or garden.


When you decide on installing a pet door, size is an important factor that should be considered. You have to measure the opening by width and height including extra space according to your pet animal’s size based on its back measurement. If the pet is a puppy it will grow so it should not hunch later on to get in and out of the door. The access should work easily from the outside as well as from the inside.


Pet doors should be child safe and should not allow other animals or pests to enter and be secure from risks of break-ins. It is good do your homework in researching the different security factors before you select the door that is right for your pet. Doors should have secure locking systems when not in use.

Energy Saving Factor

Your pet door should not send your energy costs soaring so should be installed expertly. This is especially true if the door is for a large sized pet. The door should be sealed against extreme weather conditions and be made from the right materials to ensure that it is durable enough. During tough weather you can lock it as your pet would not be let out. Now with advanced technologies pet doors are available with self sealing mechanisms, flaps, and locking systems that help in preventing air and heat leaks. Make sure that your pet door material is energy star rated and buy from well recommended doors and windows manufacturers.

Pet doors offer a lot of convenience that you and your doggy will benefit from. Choose your pet door keeping in mind important factors before investing in a pet door that your doggy will love.


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