Ouch! My energy bills are too high

OUCH!!! This is what Vivian exclaimed every time she got the energy bill. But then she did nothing about it ….till one day she finally decided she had to do something about it. She had heard all about energy conservation, energy saving tips for homes, but cared less. She was too busy working and wanted to have a comfortable home with all amenities. She never thought that all the little things she did at home to save energy, would make a difference.

Right away she decided to make the behavioral changes needed, like turning off the lights, TVs, music players etc. when she did not need them.  She also unplugged the chargers and other appliances after tuning them off. Instead of putting her computer on screen saver mode, she put it in sleep mode. The more she read about energy saving tips; she made changes in her habits, convinced she had the power to save energy at home.

While all this was good, she realized that she had to look in to other aspects and take the whole house approach to make that substantial cut in the energy bill. Taking advice from her friend and reading about it on the internet, she scheduled for a home energy audit. Vivian was surprised to hear what the auditor had to say. The auditor inspected her home thoroughly for insulation, air leakages through windows, ducts, and roofs and even checked her appliances. He analyzed her energy bills and explained how much of energy was lost from her home because of all these almost invisible problems. He then suggested some cost-effective upgrades she should do to cut down the energy bills.

Being convinced that the investment she made will pay off in the long run, she followed the suggestions of the auditor. She replaced her old refrigerator with a new energy efficient model. She also installed a programmable thermostat and put up compact fluorescent bulbs.

She couldn’t do all the up gradation immediately for lack of funds, when voila, she discovered about the low interest loan available through a program supported by the Energy Department. She then decided to replace her windows with new energy efficient ones. With her friend’s recommendation, she contacted Champion. After taking the necessary measurements, the installation crew arrived, removed the old windows and fixed the new ones. Not only did the windows add style to her home, there was more light in her home. She felt her home warmer and comfortable in winter.


She also washed clothes in the washing machine only when it was full load. She cut down on the hot water usage for washing and dishwashing. She air dried the dishes to cut down on energy usage. She lowered the thermostat setting on the water heater to 1200 F. She called for the maintenance of the air conditioner, furnace and the heat pump.

It’s more than a year since Vivian made all these changes in her home. Of course she continues following all those energy saving tips more as a habit now. She shares her experience with everybody and encourages them to be energy savers. She is happy that her energy bills have come down and that her investment is paying off. She feels more responsible for the environment and is serious about conserving it. To top it all, she also gets Federal tax credits and state incentives as she buys only energy efficient products.

Like Vivian why don’t you take the step to make changes in your habits and your home? Don’t wait for tomorrow …..START TODAY.


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