The Essential Elements of Eclectic Décor

What’s eclectic décor, you ask? Well, simply put, eclectic décor is when you mix and match. The old with the new.The black with the white.The East with the West. It’s an interesting mix of things that you would think are chaotic or haphazard together. But it totally works, and how!Want an eclectic house? Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:


  1. Styles

You can go different styles in terms of aesthetics like cane and metal works, or antique and modern, or elaborate and minimalist. So just mix it up and you’ll figure out the right blend that reflects your personality best.


  1. Colors

There’s a school of thought that prescribes the use of more traditional colors. Your blacks, grays, beiges—you know where I’m going with this. Don’t just stick to those. Go nuts! Add a splash of bright yellow, or cherry red, or electric blue. Bring the RAD in the traditional.


  1. Cultures

Who says a Japanese Zen garden needs to be just that, or a plush Victorian bedroom with a four-poster bed can’t have anything besides? Every corner of the world has its distinct identity, so throw a Persian rug in your neo-classical European office, or Champion’s French doors to your all-American ranch. Or roman columns to your igloo, or is that going too far?


  • Think outside the box

Don’t go for the usual, run-of-the-mill, average, every day, ordinary stuff you see everywhere. Don’t know what I mean? What I’m getting at is don’t put a metal plaque on your main door with the boring old font for your name and address. Instead, find your local tagger and graffiti it in!Whether it’s inside your house or outside—think alternative, maybe even hipster.Your doorbell could sound like the neigh of a horse! (If you’re into that kinda thing) 


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