The Essential Elements of Spanish Décor

You feel your house is boring? You want to give it a breezy Mediterranean feel? Well, have no fear! I’m here to show you how to turn your house into a home that a Spaniard would want to make his own. Here’s how you do it:


  1. 1.     Stucco walls

Quick! Picture the exterior of a Spanish house. You’re probably picturing a raw stucco wall in a stark white or beige color. If you are, you’d be spot on. Walls covered with stucco, which is basically a kind of plaster, are common in Spanish homes.


  1. 2.     Paint the town

With neutral colors, splashes of bright colors like ocean blue, red and ochre will do well for the interiors, especially your family room. Make sure the colors are complimentary and you’re good to go. Remember not to overdo it!


  1. 3.     Using fabric

Woven textiles are a common site in a Spanish house, usually in bright, deep colors. Whether it’s a rug, table runner or tapestry—adding them would give your house a splash of Spain without the pain of remodeling.


  1. 4.     Tiles for style

Decorative tiles as a part of the flooring are also an important part of the scheme. Brightly colored mosaic tiles are definitely an option. You could also go withterracotta or hand-painted tiles for an earthier feel.


  1. 5.     Wood and Metal

Dark mahogany furniture is important to give your house that rustic appeal that’s the best part about Spanish homes. You could even use wooden flooring in some rooms to create the same effect. Adding a dash of wrought iron furniture to the look will enhance the appeal. You could also use wrought iron grilles to create interesting designs on the wall.


  1. 6.     Arches and windows

Arches were an important feature of Spanish architecture. If you’re not remodeling your house from the ground up, you could use arched windows to give the same effect. Usually, Spanish homes incorporate picture windows like this one from Champion.



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