The Essential Elements of Transitional Decor

Transitional décor is a style that stands midway between traditional and contemporary styles, combining qualities from both. It’s a sort of neutral zone between the two and provides options for those who find one too old-fashioned and the other cold and lacking in warmth.

What are some of the essential elements of this style of décor?

Main features of this style

The defining quality of this style is that it avoids the ornateness of the traditional as well as the austerity of the modern.

Doors and windows have clean simple lines. It’s easy to install windows that fit in with this style of decorfrom manufactures like Champion Windows and Doorswho will customize windows according to your requirements.

Furniture lines are simple, with gentle curves and the scale is moderate, neither too large nor too small. Carved embellishments are only used as accents. Wood colors and upholstery are subdued. There is a sort of leaning away from formality and a leaning towards casualness and comfort in the overall effect. There is a balance of the masculine and feminine elements which are so prominent in the styles on either side of the spectrum.


Materials and colors

Transitional décor uses a greater variety of materialsthan the other two styles, but with a measure of restraint.

Lighter colors are used for wooden furniture, though at times darker finishes may be used as well. Very often metal, glass and wood are used in combination, the metal and glass usually for adding details. Leather, particularly of the distressed variety, is widely used in transitional décor, the reason being that leather is both casual as well as comfortable. Besides it also lends a semblance of formality and sensory appealto the décor. Because the colors used are subdued, texture is used to create interest.That’s why textured fabrics like corduroys, chenilles and ultrasuedes in neutral tones such as taupe, olive green, ivory, beige, tan and other variations on similar hues are frequently used in this décor.



The subdued tones and liberal use of texture in transitional décor provide an opportunity to exhibit artwork and accessories which serve as points of contrast to the prominent items of furniture within a room. Modern art, paintings and other accessories which are eclectic in nature are best suited to this type of décor. However vintage artwork also finds a place here. A large amount of flexibility is possible in this respect.


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