Fibrex or Aluminum window

Replacement windows come with frames of different material. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is best to get yourself well informed to be able to make a wise, balanced decision. Choosing the right window depends on a lot of factors- style, characteristics, the region you live and most importantly the budget. Some of the materials used for windows are wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiber glass, and fibrex. In this article we will compare aluminum and fibrex material.

Aluminum: Aluminum has its place in the window market mainly because of its light weight, strength. It is still a low cost alternative to wood and vinyl windows and best suited for commercial buildings. Some benefits of aluminum are-

  1. It is light weight but still strong.
  2. It is durable and requires very little maintenance.
  3. It can be designed easily into any shape whether regular or unusual shapes like arches too.
  4. Aluminum resists corrosion, rotting and swelling.


The main disadvantage of aluminum is its high thermal conductivity. It thus has very less energy efficiency. It can however be used in milder climates. With proper insulation and sealing, energy efficiency can be improved considerably.

So with all its benefits and mainly because of its low cost, aluminum is still opted for by many homeowners.

Fibrex is a composite material made of wood fiber and vinyl to incorporate the strength and durability of wood with the ease of maintenance of vinyl. What you have is a strong, energy efficient window requiring least maintenance. Some of the benefits of fibrex are-

  1. It is a sustainable, green building material, since most of it can be reclaimed.
  2. It blocks transfer of heat and cold because of its low thermal conductivity improving the energy efficiency. The interior temperature is better regulated, reducing the heating and cooling costs. This translates into substantial saving in energy and energy bills.
  3. It is able to retain its stability and strength in all climates keeping the seals airtight. The windows remain airtight, preventing any leakage or infiltration. This also prevents condensation of windows.
  4. It needs no painting, is easy to maintain and yet retains its beauty for a long time.
  5. Fibrex material does not blister, flake, peel or pit and is resistant to corrosion, rot and fungal growth.

The main drawback however is its high cost. So if budget is a constraint, you should consider other energy efficient options like the most popular vinyl windows. Most of the companies supply vinyl construction windows making them easily available. One company you should consider as you research carefully and get quotes is Champion Window which has been around for quite some time in the window business. They manufacture and supply Energy Star rated windows with certification of NFRC for better window performance.  You can go through their website and call them for free consultation. They have windows of various styles and sizes and will custom manufacture windows for you too. So get going, call them and once you place an order, everything right up to installation and after service if needed will be taken care of by them.


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