Sunrooms – Welcoming the outdoors inside your home

Want to enjoy the beauty and feel of outdoors, comfortably from inside your home? Sunrooms are the best way to do it. Sunrooms expand your living space and can be used for reading, relaxing or to just get away from the routine.

What are sunrooms?

Sunrooms are an attractive addition to your home. Constructed mainly of large glass windows and doors, they bring in light and retain heat to create a comfortable space for various activities. Adding casual furniture and even plants can enhance its look. Adding a sunroom is not like adding a conventional extra room. Costing a little less than the brick and mortar construction, purpose of a sunroom is different. It is designed mainly for comfortable outdoor living while protecting  you from, bugs, insects, wind and rain. You can enjoy watching the rain, the sea or mountains in the comfort of your sun room.

Where to place them?

Sunrooms are generally built where there will be more movement of people in and out. For example, it can be off your kitchen for using the space as an eating spot or be adjacent to your living room. Also for it to be a sunroom, it should get a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight. Eastern exposure will let in morning sunlight and western the afternoon sunlight. For hot climates, a room with southern exposure is best. Since the outside view also matters, take the best of both the view and sunlight to have an ideal sunroom. Most of the times, people use their deck or patio to make it in to a sunroom, if they have no other extra open space.


What are the advantages?

  1. Brings  outdoors in by protecting you from insects, wind , rain etc.
  2. Add extra space.
  3. Can be used for multi purposes- entertaining, breakfast, dining, play space for children, reading, relaxing or even growing plants.
  4. It increases the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  5. It adds to the value of your home, giving you better returns if you want to sell it.

Sunrooms are either called  three season or four season. Four season come with additional heating and cooling and useful all year round, while three season suitable for summer to fall and fall to winter. For better energy efficiency, sunrooms should be constructed with materials having better insulating properties and energy efficient glass.

Champion Window manufactures and installs sunrooms with vinyl doors and windows owing to the excellent insulating properties of vinyl. Vinyl is also easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and insects and needs very little maintenance. The glass used is exclusive high performance ideal for a sunroom. It lets in maximum light while eliminating the ultraviolet rays which damage the furnishings inside. Once you call the comapny for consultation and decide to purchase from them, they handle everything from design, getting necessary permits, manufacturing, installing and after sales service. It saves a lot of hassle as everything is handled by the same company. You can read reviews of Champion Window to know what customers have to say about their products. Get some referrals from friends, relatives and neighbors too and make your decision.

Enjoy the extra space and beauty of your sunroom alone or with your family and friends.



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