Sunrooms – Welcoming the outdoors inside your home

Want to enjoy the beauty and feel of outdoors, comfortably from inside your home? Sunrooms are the best way to do it. Sunrooms expand your living space and can be used for reading, relaxing or to just get away from the routine.

What are sunrooms?

Sunrooms are an attractive addition to your home. Constructed mainly of large glass windows and doors, they bring in light and retain heat to create a comfortable space for various activities. Adding casual furniture and even plants can enhance its look. Adding a sunroom is not like adding a conventional extra room. Costing a little less than the brick and mortar construction, purpose of a sunroom is different. It is designed mainly for comfortable outdoor living while protecting  you from, bugs, insects, wind and rain. You can enjoy watching the rain, the sea or mountains in the comfort of your sun room.

Where to place them?

Sunrooms are generally built where there will be more movement of people in and out. For example, it can be off your kitchen for using the space as an eating spot or be adjacent to your living room. Also for it to be a sunroom, it should get a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight. Eastern exposure will let in morning sunlight and western the afternoon sunlight. For hot climates, a room with southern exposure is best. Since the outside view also matters, take the best of both the view and sunlight to have an ideal sunroom. Most of the times, people use their deck or patio to make it in to a sunroom, if they have no other extra open space.


What are the advantages?

  1. Brings  outdoors in by protecting you from insects, wind , rain etc.
  2. Add extra space.
  3. Can be used for multi purposes- entertaining, breakfast, dining, play space for children, reading, relaxing or even growing plants.
  4. It increases the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  5. It adds to the value of your home, giving you better returns if you want to sell it.

Sunrooms are either called  three season or four season. Four season come with additional heating and cooling and useful all year round, while three season suitable for summer to fall and fall to winter. For better energy efficiency, sunrooms should be constructed with materials having better insulating properties and energy efficient glass.

Champion Window manufactures and installs sunrooms with vinyl doors and windows owing to the excellent insulating properties of vinyl. Vinyl is also easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and insects and needs very little maintenance. The glass used is exclusive high performance ideal for a sunroom. It lets in maximum light while eliminating the ultraviolet rays which damage the furnishings inside. Once you call the comapny for consultation and decide to purchase from them, they handle everything from design, getting necessary permits, manufacturing, installing and after sales service. It saves a lot of hassle as everything is handled by the same company. You can read reviews of Champion Window to know what customers have to say about their products. Get some referrals from friends, relatives and neighbors too and make your decision.

Enjoy the extra space and beauty of your sunroom alone or with your family and friends.



The Essential Elements of Transitional Decor

Transitional décor is a style that stands midway between traditional and contemporary styles, combining qualities from both. It’s a sort of neutral zone between the two and provides options for those who find one too old-fashioned and the other cold and lacking in warmth.

What are some of the essential elements of this style of décor?

Main features of this style

The defining quality of this style is that it avoids the ornateness of the traditional as well as the austerity of the modern.

Doors and windows have clean simple lines. It’s easy to install windows that fit in with this style of decorfrom manufactures like Champion Windows and Doorswho will customize windows according to your requirements.

Furniture lines are simple, with gentle curves and the scale is moderate, neither too large nor too small. Carved embellishments are only used as accents. Wood colors and upholstery are subdued. There is a sort of leaning away from formality and a leaning towards casualness and comfort in the overall effect. There is a balance of the masculine and feminine elements which are so prominent in the styles on either side of the spectrum.


Materials and colors

Transitional décor uses a greater variety of materialsthan the other two styles, but with a measure of restraint.

Lighter colors are used for wooden furniture, though at times darker finishes may be used as well. Very often metal, glass and wood are used in combination, the metal and glass usually for adding details. Leather, particularly of the distressed variety, is widely used in transitional décor, the reason being that leather is both casual as well as comfortable. Besides it also lends a semblance of formality and sensory appealto the décor. Because the colors used are subdued, texture is used to create interest.That’s why textured fabrics like corduroys, chenilles and ultrasuedes in neutral tones such as taupe, olive green, ivory, beige, tan and other variations on similar hues are frequently used in this décor.



The subdued tones and liberal use of texture in transitional décor provide an opportunity to exhibit artwork and accessories which serve as points of contrast to the prominent items of furniture within a room. Modern art, paintings and other accessories which are eclectic in nature are best suited to this type of décor. However vintage artwork also finds a place here. A large amount of flexibility is possible in this respect.

The Essential Elements of Eclectic Décor

What’s eclectic décor, you ask? Well, simply put, eclectic décor is when you mix and match. The old with the new.The black with the white.The East with the West. It’s an interesting mix of things that you would think are chaotic or haphazard together. But it totally works, and how!Want an eclectic house? Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:


  1. Styles

You can go different styles in terms of aesthetics like cane and metal works, or antique and modern, or elaborate and minimalist. So just mix it up and you’ll figure out the right blend that reflects your personality best.


  1. Colors

There’s a school of thought that prescribes the use of more traditional colors. Your blacks, grays, beiges—you know where I’m going with this. Don’t just stick to those. Go nuts! Add a splash of bright yellow, or cherry red, or electric blue. Bring the RAD in the traditional.


  1. Cultures

Who says a Japanese Zen garden needs to be just that, or a plush Victorian bedroom with a four-poster bed can’t have anything besides? Every corner of the world has its distinct identity, so throw a Persian rug in your neo-classical European office, or Champion’s French doors to your all-American ranch. Or roman columns to your igloo, or is that going too far?


  • Think outside the box

Don’t go for the usual, run-of-the-mill, average, every day, ordinary stuff you see everywhere. Don’t know what I mean? What I’m getting at is don’t put a metal plaque on your main door with the boring old font for your name and address. Instead, find your local tagger and graffiti it in!Whether it’s inside your house or outside—think alternative, maybe even hipster.Your doorbell could sound like the neigh of a horse! (If you’re into that kinda thing) 

The Essential Elements of Spanish Décor

You feel your house is boring? You want to give it a breezy Mediterranean feel? Well, have no fear! I’m here to show you how to turn your house into a home that a Spaniard would want to make his own. Here’s how you do it:


  1. 1.     Stucco walls

Quick! Picture the exterior of a Spanish house. You’re probably picturing a raw stucco wall in a stark white or beige color. If you are, you’d be spot on. Walls covered with stucco, which is basically a kind of plaster, are common in Spanish homes.


  1. 2.     Paint the town

With neutral colors, splashes of bright colors like ocean blue, red and ochre will do well for the interiors, especially your family room. Make sure the colors are complimentary and you’re good to go. Remember not to overdo it!


  1. 3.     Using fabric

Woven textiles are a common site in a Spanish house, usually in bright, deep colors. Whether it’s a rug, table runner or tapestry—adding them would give your house a splash of Spain without the pain of remodeling.


  1. 4.     Tiles for style

Decorative tiles as a part of the flooring are also an important part of the scheme. Brightly colored mosaic tiles are definitely an option. You could also go withterracotta or hand-painted tiles for an earthier feel.


  1. 5.     Wood and Metal

Dark mahogany furniture is important to give your house that rustic appeal that’s the best part about Spanish homes. You could even use wooden flooring in some rooms to create the same effect. Adding a dash of wrought iron furniture to the look will enhance the appeal. You could also use wrought iron grilles to create interesting designs on the wall.


  1. 6.     Arches and windows

Arches were an important feature of Spanish architecture. If you’re not remodeling your house from the ground up, you could use arched windows to give the same effect. Usually, Spanish homes incorporate picture windows like this one from Champion.


Buy yourself a gift that keeps on giving

Gifts bring great joy to all of us. To receive a gift or to give a gift is something everybody looks forward to.

Whether it is a birthday, a wedding or Christmas deciding the right gift is not easy. You want to be creative, unique and the want to make the occasion special for your loved one. There are lots of ideas going around and countless gift shops. You can even order gifts online. But it is not just the gift but the thought you put into it that makes all the difference. So instead of buying something which gives momentary pleasure and is a gift like everybody gives, why not try something which will keep giving, especially in the form of saving money in future? For example you can gift Energy Star rated home appliance to your friend. This would not only be useful but save energy too and be a small step in reducing her home energy bill. There are also some options where a small amount of the cost of the gift goes to a charity organization. Each gift you buy helps in providing a need of someone you don’t know.

But this Christmas season, how about gifting yourself and your home an unique gift which gives as long as you live in your home? Wondering what I am talking about? So here is what you can gift yourself- energy efficient windows. But my house has perfect windows you would say. Why change them? The answer is they make your home energy efficient.Again don’t be surprised. What have windows to do with energy efficiency? Let me tell you how replacing your old window with new energy efficient ones helps-

  1. Prevent loss of energy and air infiltration:  It is estimated that apart from the gaps in the roofs and walls due to the penetrations caused by plumbing and electric wiring, almost 50 percent of heat gain or loss happens through windows. This naturally puts a strain on your heating and cooling systems increasing the energy consumption and resulting in high energy bills. Heat loss and air infiltration also makes your home uncomfortable and even unhealthy in the long run. Foam enhanced window frames made of wood, fiberglass and vinyl with weather stripping ensure better sealing and additional insulating properties against hot /cold air.
  2. Long lasting and easy maintenance:  The window frames are sturdy,durable and don’t warp or rot easily. They are easy to open and close and can be cleaned easily.
  3. More light and energy efficient glass: The windows come with special glass which brings in more light in to your home. Champion windows come with exclusive high performance glass which helps keep the heat in during winter and the heat out in summer. This not only saves energy but keeps your home comfortable all through the year. Fading of carpets, furniture and drapes is also avoided because the glass shields the interior from the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  4. Excellent insulation and reduced noise: The windows are double pane or multi pane and filled with non toxic argon or krypton gas between the panes. This ensures excellent insulation preventing condensation and a quieter home with the sound kept out.

You can then considerably reduce the operating cost of your home by lowering your utility bills and even enhance the look of your home. Plus you get tax credit from the government helping you save more money. Then, go ahead and call Champion. They will offer you a no obligation free consultation and once you choose the right style from all the options available, they will come and install it for you.

So this Christmas, gift yourself this unusual gift and be glad every time you see your energy bill. Enjoy the comfort of your home, the bright light streaming in and be thankful for the gift that kee