Home Improvement Projects That Offer a Tax Rebate

Home improvement is something that always gets me excited. Making a few changes even as small as moving the furniture around always tend to alleviate my mood. Bigger changes like replacing the roof or windows, getting a new fence around the garden, etc. are also equally exciting. An added bonus is when some home improvement projects offer a tax rebate. If you are looking to do some minor renovating in your home here are a few projects that will offer a tax rebate.

Home Improvement for Medical Reasons

The United States government offers an income tax deduction if you are undertaking a home improvement project for medical reasons.

 Wheelchair Accessibility – For instance, if you need to make your home wheelchair accessible because someone in your family is going to be in a wheelchair for a prolonged period of time, you can add the cost of building and putting in ramps wherever necessary as tax deductable.

Air Filtration System – If someone in your family has certain respiratory conditions and/or breathing problems, you may be advised by a doctor to install a better air filtration system in your home. Proper centralized air conditioning is necessary for the health of that person.

Any project that is undertaken for medical reasons should have a certified note by a doctor stating the reasons for those home improvements in order to be eligible for a tax rebate.

 Home Energy Efficiency Improvement

If you are planning to redo your home to make it more energy efficient, you are in luck. Replacing your roofing system or your windows to make your home more energy efficient on the whole will allow you to deduct those expenses from your taxes.

 Making your house more energy efficient will save you a lot of money in the long run by reducing your over all heating and cooling bills. The air inside your home will be regulated more efficiently and the temperature will be retained for longer as the energy efficient windows will allow for little or no interference from the outside.

Champion Windows and Doors provide a whole replacement with Energy efficient windows, along with roofing systems and other home improvement items.   




Shingles or Metal Roofing– Which is Better?


Since the dawn of time man has sought shelter for himself and for his family and as the years have gone by this need has only escalated. Man has used his creativity to build some of the most beautiful houses and devise some astounding ideas for roofs.Consequently this has brought about the need and ability to be able to make educated decisions about the kind of roofing you would use for your house.

Let’s  look at two types of roofing- roof shingles and metal roofing.


What are shingles you ask?

Shingles are a flat rectangular object like a tile and are made out of various substances like wood, slate, fibre cement, fibre glass, metal, plastic or asphalt. Shingle roofing is a roofing system where the shingles are all laid out in consecutive overlapping courses from top to bottom across a whole roofing area.

  What is metal roofing?

 A metal roof is a roofing system made out of a metal piece or tiles.

To help you think about what roofing system to install let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. 


Here are some of the advantages of asphalt roof shingles as these are the most commonly used:

  • They look good for a long time lasting 30 years
  • They are manufactured in bulk and are relatively inexpensive
  • They have are easily changeable in case of disrepair
  • Shingles are the easiest roofing system to install


  • Easily damaged by hail, wind and fire
  • Can be expensive over time

 Metal roofing

Here are some of the advantages of aluminium roofing:

  • They are light weight and hence reduce the weight on your housing structure
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion over time
  • Need no structural reinforcement
  • Easily recyclable.


  • Initial payments are high
  • Expand and contract with heat and cold causing leaks

Champion Windows and Doors do a great job with their roofing. They have a vast variety of prices and roofing styles that are attractive, have life time warranty, decrease energy costs and increase resale values.

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Why Replacing Your Old Windows Is a Smart Decision

When your windows show signs of insulation failure, damage, or leakage do you try DIY jobs to temporarily block the problem in the hope of buying time? Do you risk doing the repairs when you don’t have the proper skills? Windows are vital part of your home that offers security and shields your home from the impact of extreme weather conditions. In addition they bring in light and enhance the beauty of your home. If windows are tough to open and close, worn out, damaged, and let in drafts it is smarter to get replacement windows installed, to save energy and costs.

replacing window

Know About Window Quality

Windows are an important part of your home and cannot be ignored. The best windows let in light without harmful radiation from ultra violet sun rays, add to the beauty of the room, and have insulation and energy saving properties. In addition window quality is measured by the noise reduction ability and they should be easy to operate and maintain.

What are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are customized and manufactured windows that can either fit into the older frame or can be installed from scratch, with new frames. If the original frame works well, then the new window can measured and designed to fit in the space by professional window manufacturers and installers.

These windows are available in different styles including picture, double hung, awning, Palladian, casement and slider. Replacement windows are made in different types of material including vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, combination and fiber glass among others. The window glass is energy efficiency rated and protect against elements. Additionally these windows are easy to maintain and clean and offer lasting durability.

Get Many Benefits

The new windows will prove to becoming the best thing that happened to your home when you assess the many benefits and advantages.

Add beauty

You can open up an area or room to let in light and sunshine and transform it to a beautifully designed space for your family to gather and relax, by adding windows. Enclose an open area of your house to build a sunroom or change the window style of your living room with replacement windows. Your entire home will look more attractive both internally and externally as a result.

Get More Comfort

During hot or cold weather replacement windows with proven energy efficiency can save your heating and cooling bills, due to the top quality materials used and energy star rated glass with insulation properties. This ensures coolness in summer and warmth in winter, indoors. In addition these windows are built with the latest technology to reduce transmission of sound and noise disturbance to homeowners. The specially treated glass prevents harmful UV radiation and fading of interior furnishings.

Easy to Maintain and Operate

Windows that can be cleaned without too much of time and energy is another benefit that homeowners can achieve with these new replacements options.

Additional Enhancements

Replacement windows can be enhanced with different types of window treatments which include blinds, shutters, different curtain styles, grilles, films, and screens among other choices.

Security Features

Adding replacement windows from Champion windows and doors will increase the security of your home, as there are latches and locksets that can be installed.

Window upgrades are a valuable addition to your home in terms of property value and transform the appearance of your home in beautiful ways. It is good to research top window manufacturing and replacement companies that have recommendations before you decide on replacing your old windows. You can then be sure of choosing durable products which have warranties.

Choose Patio Doors that Let You Enjoy Natural Light and Fresh Air

If your patio is a space that you have neglected or ignored you can dramatically transform it for the better, with today’s new window technology. Are your patio doors worn out or is your patio an open space? Patios can be converted to beautiful sun rooms where the family can gather and relax all year round. There are extensive selections available for patio doors and you can select classic or new styles that blend beautifully with your home construction and design.

Choose the Best Patio Doors

Patio doors can create a special space in your home that lets in plenty of natural light and fresh air and beautiful views. Your patio room can add value to your home and the doors should be chosen with care as it should serve as a lasting investment. You can install the doors or call in the professionals. The important fact is that installation should be durable and not have air or moisture leaks that can up your energy consumption bills or lead to any type of damage.

There are important points to consider when you select doors for your enclosed outside space.

Frames and Glass

The best part of choosing patio doors is that you will add an enclosed space which lets in lots of natural light. So the frames and glass that you select will impact the amount of light that is let in. There are frames available in a variety of materials including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood and combination materials. Your choice should be based on aesthetics, durability and easy maintenance.

Make certain that you select energy efficient glass with ratings that will let in light but keep harmful ultra violet rays out. There are many varieties of glass including highly durable dual paned with gas filled in between which insulates your patio room against heat and cold and keeps it comfortable in cold and warm weather in the right ways.


You can choose among different styles of patio doors according to your preference and needs. The design also includes the type of hardware you want to open and close the door and ensure security and look good. Choose contemporary or classic designs which complement your home construction and décor. Now patio doors are available in any height to let in maximum light and you can choose between swinging, gliding, or folding styles. The doors can be single, dual or triple depending on your choice and requirements. Locking systems should seal against weather and provide maximum security. If you select the gliding style the rollers should offer ease of operation. There are folding style doors available as well in accordion style with panels. Some homeowners prefer patio doors with grids or grilles which separate glass panes into sections.

Professional or Do-it-yourself

Installation of your patio doors can be done by professionals or you could do it. Professional companies with experience in installation work and that manufacture replacement doors and windows, can ensure that work is done quickly and expertly. Then there is no danger of faulty insulation and warranties are provided for materials used and work. If you research such companies and get referrals it is a better choice than risking DIY jobs that may be imperfect. The work has to be perfect to ensure against damage or insulation leaks.

Other Important Considerations

When you decide on installing patio doors make sure that you work out a budget that can be adhered to without additional hidden costs surfacing later. For this it’s advisable to consult professional experts who will provide realistic estimates at no cost. Another factor is if you choose preassembled doors it will be a space saving alternative compared to hinged doors. Sliding doors are good if you have space constrictions. You also need to measure accurately for getting the right size of doors and there should be no obstructions when the doors are installed.

Choose patio doors from Champion Windows and Doors that will beautify your home with enduring and durable materials that ensure security and top rated glass that let in beautiful sunlight.

3 Important Factors to Considering before You Choose Your Roofing System

Laying out or relaying a roof is an inherently costly affair, there’s a whole lot of investment involved as its major work which, when executed properly, lasts for decades. This is because the roof is, to all intents and purposes, what makes the house a home. There’s a reason buying a house is also known as putting a roof over your head. The roof keeps the elements away, leaving you dry and safe from storms, snow and even harsh sunlight, protecting you, your family and your possessions from the whims of nature.

The roof you apply to your house, then, must have the necessary qualities required to execute this task of protection and shelter thoroughly, and if misjudged can prove to be a very costly affair to recover from. Taking this into consideration, there are certain aspects of roof systems that need to be examined before making the all-important decision of picking which system works best for you.

3 roofing system considerations to be kept in mind while making your choice

  • Location, weather, natural surroundings. Where you live will have a huge impact on the type of roofing system you invest in. There are many factors with regards to location that will affect your choice in this matter. Wind speed and velocity of the locality, amount of moisture and humidity in the air, propensity of storms, snow, hurricanes etc. Such weather related variables will influence your choice of roofing system as, if your locality has a strong gusts of winds blowing through it on a regular basis, you will need to protect against that by investing in a roofing system that can with stand high intensity winds. Tree cover is also another important factor, as if there is dense tree cover in the immediate vicinity of the house, it will help blunt the impact of the winds, and provide more shade to the house. Also, state laws with regards to roofing requirements will also have to be adhered to, and they may vary from place to place.
  • Energy savings. With increased awareness regarding the loss of perishable energy sources such as coal and fuel, the ever increasing prices for power and energy, and increasing global attention towards energy consciousness and going green, energy savings are rapidly becoming an imperative factor in the choice of roofing systems. Using energy efficient roofs will mean your house is naturally more insulated against the vagaries of extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and will provide a more comfortable environment while reducing dependence on external, power consuming, temperature control devices such as the central heating and cooling systems. This saves money and is good for the environment as well.
  • Warranty and price. A roofing system is a considerable investment to make. You have to make sure that the system you invested will last for the long haul, as it isn’t something that can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Deterioration, wear and tear, and damage due to weather conditions are to be expected, so while price should be an important factor, investing in a system due to its cost effectiveness, while beneficial towards your immediate financial conditions, may prove disastrous in the long run. Warranty stipulations and time period is also a factor in this equation, as a longer and more comprehensive warranty will result in less long term worries.

Picking the roofing system then, is a difficult task, and with the sheer variety of options available it’s easy to get carried away. Reputation then plays a big role in picking the right brand. Go through testimonials written by experienced users and field experts of champion windows and doors. Keep these considerations at the forefront while making your roofing system choice so that you reap the rewards of a sound investment for decades, and live safe and sound without worries about the weather outside.